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ABOUT Blue Skies Drone & Video

My name is Martin and I am the aerial videographer at Blue Skies Drone & Video. What makes my drone videography stand out is that not only am I a certified FAA drone pilot, but I also have years of cinematography, camera operation, editing, and gripping experience. These skills allow me to create a true visual experience. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with many national and international companies such as Universal Studios, Tom Ford, Tolkien Productions and Patagonia. My work has won several awards at film festivals. Additionally, I hold a BFA in Film and Video Production.

Whether you are selling or renting a house, drone videos have proven to have a significant competitive advantage. Not only do they capture unique views of a house from above, it is also a great way to show the location of a house within a neighborhood or a town. I have created several reasonably priced drone packages. Once you have chosen a package and we have set up a schedule, the fun can begin. I will film the exterior of the house with a fly-over, an interior video walk-through (we’ll do a practice run first) and a fly-over showing the neighborhood. The video is yours forever and you can use it as you see fit.

How it Works

Choose a video package that best fits your needs.


Your video is scheduled, filmed and edited.


Enjoy the lifetime use of your video.

Drone Packages

Exterior Only

Street/neighborhood fly-over
House fly-over
30 second video with music



Real Estate Video

Street/neighborhood fly-over
House fly-over
30 – 45 second video with music
Interior video
Practice walk-through



Real Estate Video & Photos

Street/neighborhood fly-over
House fly-over
30 – 45 second video with music
Interior video
Practice walk-through
10 Interior & 5 exterior photos



Two day turn around, lifetime usage.
Video delivered by digital transfer and as a password protected YouTube video.

*Additional charge of $50 for homes over 3000 sq ft.

Serving the front range from Denver to Boulder


Frequently Asked Questions
How long does a drone shoot take?

Although every shoot is different, the Exterior Only package takes about 30 minutes and the full Real Estate Video packages about an hour.

How do I pay?

I will send you an invoice after the shoot that is payable online.

Do you edit out items that are laying around and do I lock up my pet?
No, power cords, empty coffee cups, brooms, etc, are not edited out. However we will to a practice walk-through so we can see what needs to be put away prior to the shoot.

If your pet is comfortable with me walking through the house with a camera, by all means let it be part of the shoot. I find that including pets or people make for a better video.

What is the turn around?
Generally speaking you get your video within three days after the shoot.
How do I get my video and are the rights mine?
You will receive the finished video by way of a digital transfer as well as on a password protected YouTube page. The video is your property forever and you can do with it as you see fit.
What is your cancelation fee?
Please only book if you are sure that you will be available. If you cancel within 48 hours I will charge a 50% cancellation fee. If I can book someone else in your slot the fee will be waived.
Do you offer any other kind of video work?

I create business videos, and will work as a camera operator AC and grip on larger shoots.

Visit my portfolio site at